Inclusive Sport – It’s not rocket science … but should it be?

Research Participants Still Needed Last week while I was at the Halberg Games I looked around at all the young athletes participating and realised that the vast majority of them were unlikely to participate in sport outside of that delivered by their local regional disability sport organisations, such as dsport. This is why I amContinue reading “Inclusive Sport – It’s not rocket science … but should it be?”

2021 brings a new journey of discovery

Like most of us, 2021 is heralding a new phase. For me in my research it is time to start collecting my data. During 2020 I used the time during lockdown to focus on my studies. Reading copious amounts of research on disability and seeking out specific work on disability sport helped frame my workContinue reading “2021 brings a new journey of discovery”

The beginning of a reflective journey

Starting university research on a topic I have been so close to for many years is an interesting journey. During lockdown I was able to use this enforced time at home to read lots and lots of articles about disability sport. What is interesting is the increasing number of academics who are recognising this isContinue reading “The beginning of a reflective journey”

Research Participants Wanted – nominations open

Nominations for young people with physical impairments to be part of this research are now open. Parents/caregivers are invited to nominate any young person aged 10-14 years who has a physical impairment and is actively engaged in sport or active recreation. A recruitment questionnaire has been designed to help me find 4 or 5 youngContinue reading “Research Participants Wanted – nominations open”

Welcome to “we’re not on the sideline, we are in the team”

In Aotearoa New Zealand disabled young people are under-represented in sport and active recreation. Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) acknowledges this issue and is working on developing policy to address it. I have worked in the disability sport sector for nearly a decade, and while I have observed disabled young people missing out, I haveContinue reading “Welcome to “we’re not on the sideline, we are in the team””