Welcome to “we’re not on the sideline, we are in the team”

In Aotearoa New Zealand disabled young people are under-represented in sport and active recreation.

Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) acknowledges this issue and is working on developing policy to address it. I have worked in the disability sport sector for nearly a decade, and while I have observed disabled young people missing out, I have also seen some fully engaged in sport and active recreation.

Through hearing from these young people with physical impairments (YPwI) who are active and engaged, I want to find out how more opportunities can be provided to get more disabled young people involved in sport and active recreation.

Aligning with the Sport NZ priorities of tamariki and rangatahi, this research shall specifically engage YPwI aged 10 to 14 years who have either been born with or have acquired a physical or sensory impairment. Capturing participation information for this priority group may well support initiatives to slow the rapid decline in participation rates, providing some redress for disabled peoples engagement in sport and active recreation.

To this end, this research focuses on what contributes to the positive engagement of YPwI in sport and active recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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